Nostalgia - it’s delicate, but potent

Do you guys think it would be horribly gratuitous of me to have a picspam of a shirtless Zac Efron in more or less the same position as part of my next post? BECAUSE GODDAMN.
OH OH and deuxcoeurs! Let us squee over the Inception trailer (!!!) except I am finding it limiting in squee-worthyness purely because it is lacking in Marion and 75% of it consists of Leo going "OHCRAPWTF" BUT I DIGRESS BECAUSE I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT MAD MEN. And also the fact that I HAVE YET TO SEE 3.02 because I cannot find a download anywhere. I woke up to about 50 True Blood torrents(which is exciting times and all but still.) BUT HAVE YET TO SEE ANYTHING MAD-MEN SHAPED so if you know where I can watch it let me know?

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My attempt at being creative or something like it

So yes, I have done THIS because I am mildly (or VERY) insane and needed some kind of outlet to express my obsessive-ness. Here, we have a moodtheme to devoted wholly to Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester, a hint of my general craziness has been thrown in (fair warning!)

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creative / content / drunk
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giggly / mellow / geeky

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My A-Level results come out tomorrow so I'm going to, you know, go and throw up or something.

Lambert confesses crush on Idol Winner

AJFJFEKFGDK. IS THIS REAL LIFE? I know everyone and their mother has posted about this already but I needed documented evidence in my journal because WOW. I am beginning to think that this is all a fabrication of my imagination because it isn't any possible for this 'thing' (bromance, I guess) to get any better. I MEAN, HOW CAN IT? You've probably already heard about my jim/pam analogy but here it is anyway: in my mind Adam has harboured unrequited-jim-halpert-esque love for Kris all this time. YES, HE HAS. I love how the media have been making it seem as though Adam has secretly been pining and longing for Kris all this time. Tee hee! I cannot complain.


(1) List 1014 ONE TRUE PAIRINGS that you admire.
(2) Put all of them in order (10-1, 1 is the ultimate OTP).
(3) Supply photos for said people.
(4) Post your favourite quote.
(5) Tag 5 people

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Also her faaaace! It is so beautiful and wonderful. Sometimes, I think if I were to see her irl, I would probably fall over due to the sheer glow that I am sure she radiates. JUST WOW. I don't mind this guy either.

Your heart is a grenade

Oh, I have so many things to post about like this (!!!!!) and the fact that I picked the best time ever to catch up with Greek. NEXT EPISODE NOW, PLEASE. But I thought I would get this out of the way first. I haven't watched a Firefly episode in quite some time but I was feeling Mal/Inara-ish (if that makes any sense AT ALL) and I miss them and the despair and sadness that they fill me with. SO UHM, AS A RESULT:

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