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IT IS HERE IT IS FINALLY HERE AND YET! I am still undecided about watching it tomorrow or on Friday. I was initially going to wait till Friday because I feel like the season premiere is so particularly auspicious and thus deserved of a High Definition-comfort-of-my-living-room viewing BUT... Lost is not just a tv show, it's an experience and I don't think I can stomach the thought of having to wait three days/tooons of people being aware before I am. SO YES, STILL CONFUSED. Buuuut if I do decide to watch it on Friday I will probably be taking a break from all things internet-shaped so this is just to let people know that. But at the moment I am leaning more towards watching it tomorrow. IRREGARDLESS, I cannot believe that this is the end! I'm not quite sure at what point it'll hit me but for now I'm just ecstatic that superior television is now available to me once again.


Shawn: You're ridiculous.
Belle: What?
Shawn: That ego of yours.

Excuse my shitty screencapping skills but I LOVE SCENES LIKE THIS SO MUCH with all the arguing about things that really do not need to be argued over. And the beautiful, beautiful irony when watched in hindsight. SEE THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE HAS BECOME. I will watch something like this and then the scene I just re-watched was one where he goes "It is so easy to love you" Oh man, I am so into this romantic drivel. You could enclose me in a cheese bubble with people saying sappy crap to each other and my life would be complete. WHY DO I HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH FICTIONAL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS? 

There is too much television to watch on Mondays! But The Big Bang Theory was perfect, I though. That last 'bazinga' was ALL Jim Parsons, right? GOOD GOD I LOVE THAT MAN. And Life Unexpected anyone? I think I loved this episode even more than the last two - what a great way to portray a mixture of conflicting emotions without being overwrought or pretentious. I adore it so, so much.

[I will reply to the comments re: that character meme soon-ish, promise]

Yes, I'm listening to Hanson.

OH MAN, my New Year's Eve. I feel like this is probably a long and perhaps not-so-javascript:void(0);interesting story but I am telling it ANYWAY. Basically, we had decided to go into Central London because there is always a massive fireworks display over the Thames every year. We got there at about 8-ish (FOUR HOURS BEFORE MIDNIGHT) because if you cut it too close, they begin to section off the streets due to the massive crowds of people. Also: this was supposedly the coldest night of the year. But that part wasn't so bad, actually and we managed to pass the time quite quickly even though it was FREEZING. I wore THREE PAIRS OF SOCKS (THREE!!!!) but about two hours in, I had no feeling in my toes. Despite all of that, midnight came and we saw the fireworks (we had a SPECTACULAR view, we were pretty much right in front of the London Eye) and it was amaaaaziiiiiiing. ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY worth waiting for. And then about five minutes after it had struck midnight and the fireworks had ended, it started to snow! Not, heavily but it was like: MOVIE-MAGIC-MOMENT, so surreal.

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Up until that point, everything had been great. BUT THEN WE HAD TO GET HOME. OH. DEAR. GOD. We had parked the car at a station that was quite far away and then taken the train (translation: subway) to Westminister (which is where the fireworks were) but at midnight they had closed it because there were tooooons of people. So we had to walk to the next station which took about 10 times longer than it should have because of all of the people, and everyone was drunk and the policemen were on their horses so there was shit everywhere and when we got to the next station: THAT WAS CLOSED TOO. So we decided to walk to the station where the cars were parked (if you are knowledgable about London: from Trafalgar Square to Baker Street) and there were broken bottles EVERYWHERE and it was just, ugh. FORTUNATELY! We didn't have to walk all the way to where the cars were because there was a station closer-by that was still opened. So, finally made it to the cars and we were driving back and talking about how gross really-drunk-people-in-public are when this car collided with ours from behind. The driver was drunk, etc but I think their car had been damaged more than ours though the scariest thing was more the immediate shock than anything else. So! After aallll of that we got home at 3.30-ish. NEVER AGAIN, MY FRIENDS. Never. Again.

Moving on: I FINISHED CHUCK!!!! In like, four days (and I thought I would have problems getting done by the time season 3 started!) BUT I COULDN'T STOP. I would finish one episode and then be like: gfgjfkgjdf NEXT!!!!! It was becoming quite problematic but now I'm sad that I watched it so quickly because I can't be bothered to wait an entire week for another episode! Collapse )

I am no Prince. I am no Saint

FIRST OFF: I started watching Chuck! I was really, really going to go with Sons of Anarchy but it just so happened that on that particular night I was really in the mood for something slightly more easy-going so yeah, that happened. And I still think the pilot is boring. Or at least, it's not a satisfactory opening, IMO. BUT OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS I LOVE IT NOW. I have thoughts though most of them are exclamation marks and things like: JOHN CASEY/ADAM BALDWIN (residual firefly love) I ADOOOOOORE YOU!!!!!! I'm only five episodes in but I really don't know why I didn't like the premise more - it's so refreshing.
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Dishonesty is the key to a healthy marriage

I have really bad headaches at the moment. I think it might be sleep deprivation. And univeristy application-esque stress. glgkfglfgjf. I JUST WANT EVERYTHING TO GO AWAY. ANYWAY:

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So I've been meaning to do this for a while! Bright Star is about Keats and Fanny Brawne and their very short lived romance. Keats is not my favourite but I've been attempting to get into him since I'm reading a lot more poetry by the Romantics. But regardless of the kind of poetry he writes, I adore movies like this for being ridiculously sappy and pretty. For showcasing love that makes you delirious in a disapproving society and just general stuff like that. Nuzzling noses! Defending her honour! This is the trailer for the movie and this is Bright Star by Keats. Actually, I think this movie has been released in the US already? I know it comes out here mid October - CANNOT WAIT. CANNOT WAIT. So I picspammed the trailer


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So I feel now would be as good a time as any to talk about MERLIIIIN since this trailer came out and it has EXCITING STUFF YOU GUYYYYYS! I actually finished watching this a couple of weeks ago while I was in Sri Lanka but I've neglected talking about it because, well, I wasn't that excited about it? I mean, in terms of cracky-pretty-magical things I think Legend of the Seeker is far superior because a) Richard being shirtless, b) Kahlan's hair and c) Richard and Kahlan's longing looks of angst and their occasional makeout sessions usually when they are possessed. Merlin is enjoyable but it's also really boring at times - for me, at least. Collapse )


The X-Factor started and Cheryl Cole is still as endearing and excitable as ever. In the last episode, she ~*~reconciled two teenage lovers~*~ and then proceeded to look as though she was about to faint from excitement. I WANT TO LIVE IN HER DIMPLES.