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Look! This is me posting more and at a regular rate! Isn't it exciting?! Except my friend's list always seems so dead and lifeless and meh. COME BACK TO MEEEE, PEOPLE WHO ARE NO LONGER HERE FOR WHATEVER REASON. Anyway! This weekend I went to the Cheltenham Literary Festival which, I know, sounds lame since most of the people I know have wristbands from Reading and Glastonbury as opposed to 'Literature Festival 2010' book bags but that's just the kind of person I am, DEAL WITH IT. I saw a couple of young, up and coming authors speak as well as PHILIP PULLMAN (who you should know is one of my favourite authors ever. EVER) and Germaine Greer (she spoke more about biodiversity than she did feminism which was disappointing but she was still so interesting and tremendously likeable even though large parts of the media probably still paint her as this abbrasive man-hater). Also saw Martin Amis who was a complete dick and made this random generalisation about Islam which he then linked to female circumcision... something I know is considered by the religion to be deplorable. I hate when people in positions of such great influence - especially writers - are so insistently ignorant. Well, apart from that it was fun timez - Cheltenham is legit a ghost town though - DO NOT RECOMMEND.

In the spirit of all things literary, my BOOKS: (all my YA lit. is in storage, SADNESS. I need a bigger bookcase)

These are my leather bound, gold leaf, limited editions of Charles Dicken's collected works. I love them but I'm always afraid I'll accidentally rip a page or something equally disastrous so they pretty much just collect dust up there.

When I was younger, my books used to be in alphabetical order but then I decided to be gloriously pretentious and I had a colour-coded system. Clearly I couldn't handle it

The books that look really grimy are gifts from my grandfather when he last came to visit - he bought them in like, the late 1950s when he was a university student studying physics and all he could afford was really cheap literature. I LOVE the smell of old books though - it's almost as good as new books!

In the continued spirit of all things literary:

If you could read only one book for the rest of all eternity - what would it be?

I want to be a lot more responsible about my TV-watching because I have a list of sooo many things I want to see and usually I'll watch like, 2 episodes and then give up OR I'll end up completely spoiling myself for a show without having watched a minute of it. BUT NO MORE, MY FRIENDS. I am sticking to a strict regiment from now on!!! With that: I've almost finished season 1 of The Good Wife.

I LOVE IT A LOT. I love the main cast - especially the women, who are so delightful to watch without this show being overstated about attempts to carry some kind of message about superiority or empowerment (though it does that but it's conveyed in a way I really like) I am always shocked by how ridiculously good Archie Punjabi is in this. British women with South Asian Subcontinental heritage REPRESEEEEENT! But seriously, I am tempted every time to re-watch Bend It Like Beckham so that I can listen to her say "innit"

"We have bad timing. We've always had... bad timing"


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