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"You're the kid now. You don't have to take care of me"


IT IS HERE IT IS FINALLY HERE AND YET! I am still undecided about watching it tomorrow or on Friday. I was initially going to wait till Friday because I feel like the season premiere is so particularly auspicious and thus deserved of a High Definition-comfort-of-my-living-room viewing BUT... Lost is not just a tv show, it's an experience and I don't think I can stomach the thought of having to wait three days/tooons of people being aware before I am. SO YES, STILL CONFUSED. Buuuut if I do decide to watch it on Friday I will probably be taking a break from all things internet-shaped so this is just to let people know that. But at the moment I am leaning more towards watching it tomorrow. IRREGARDLESS, I cannot believe that this is the end! I'm not quite sure at what point it'll hit me but for now I'm just ecstatic that superior television is now available to me once again.


Shawn: You're ridiculous.
Belle: What?
Shawn: That ego of yours.

Excuse my shitty screencapping skills but I LOVE SCENES LIKE THIS SO MUCH with all the arguing about things that really do not need to be argued over. And the beautiful, beautiful irony when watched in hindsight. SEE THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE HAS BECOME. I will watch something like this and then the scene I just re-watched was one where he goes "It is so easy to love you" Oh man, I am so into this romantic drivel. You could enclose me in a cheese bubble with people saying sappy crap to each other and my life would be complete. WHY DO I HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH FICTIONAL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS? 

There is too much television to watch on Mondays! But The Big Bang Theory was perfect, I though. That last 'bazinga' was ALL Jim Parsons, right? GOOD GOD I LOVE THAT MAN. And Life Unexpected anyone? I think I loved this episode even more than the last two - what a great way to portray a mixture of conflicting emotions without being overwrought or pretentious. I adore it so, so much.

[I will reply to the comments re: that character meme soon-ish, promise]
Tags: tv: big bang theory, tv: life unexpected, tv: lost, tv: soaps
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