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All the girls I like dont give a damn about me

» Hee, I just watched The Soup's 20 Best Clips of the first half of 2008. 'Twas awesome. I want to marry Joel Mchale. LMAO at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on Oprah and Heidi + Spencer on The Tyra Banks Show. Srsly, how did she not find NONE of what he said offensive?

» I have SUCH a bad cough. I'm not even sick, I just keep hacking away. I think I'm about to cough up a lung or something else which would probably be unseemly. I have fits that last for like five minutes and NOTHING is helping. My dad wanted me to take cod liver oil. YEAH, I'M GOOD.

» And I also bring you this: (because I am lame, have no life, etc)


I have a LOAD of HMs but I didn't picspam all of them because... there are a LOAD of them. So,




#20; The Bracebridge Dinner

Jess: It's good
Rory: What?
Jess: The snowman or... snow-woman, actually
Rory: You know which one is ours?
Jess: It definitely has the most personality. It kinda looks like... Bjork
Rory: That's what we were going for!
Jess: Yeah?
Jess: Hey, what do you and Dean talk about?
Rory: What?
Jess: I mean, does he know Bjork?
Rory: I've played him some stuff.
Jess: Hm. So you got a teacher-student thing going?

hee, this isn't very significant but I LOVE IT. I love how at first she all 'omg, gtfo' but then they she starts talking to him and completely forgets the fact that she should want him gone. I think it was very clever the way they introduced Jess and contrasted him to Dean because it revealed how flawed Dean and Rory's relationship was. It was a simple first-boyfriend kind of thing and when Jess showed up and started talking about Bjork, etc - the lack of substance to Dean and Rory's relationship was very evident

#19; Teach Me Tonight


Jess: Okay, tell you what. Let’s go get some ice cream, and then when we get back, I’ll study.
Rory: This is a diner, there’s ice cream here.
Jess: Yes, but we don’t have any cones.
Rory: Cones?
Jess: I need cones.
Rory: Well, so, if we go get ice cream...
Jess: In cones.
Rory: Then you will be a perfect student for the rest of the night?
Jess: That’s right.
Rory: I could not believe you less. Here, you drive, I’ll read you Othello. Won’t that be fun?
Jess: You have no idea how much.

Technically, this is a consecutive number of scenes with Rory tutoring Jess but OH WELL. Its just funny and cute and they talk about The Clash and music lyrics... ah, it's all good

#18; That'll Do Pig


Rory: You know what just occured to me? We are very fortunate to have such good teeth
Jess: Yes, very fortunate
Rory: Can you imagine if braces were involved in this interaction?
Jess: It'd be a blood bath
Rory: I cant catch my breath
Jess: You're not supposed to

Hee, I LOVE that the writers felt the need to inform us of Rory and Jess's extreme tongue action - (not that im complaining) And also holding hands! while kissing and walking. This is general fluffy-goodness - a rarity in their case

#17; Eight O'Clock at the Oasis


Rory: You don’t have to do this. I didn’t ask you to do this. I can just find someone else to do it. Aw, you made it look so easy.
Jess: Yeah, it was loose. You just had to press down and give it a good twist, that’s all.
Rory: Well, thank you.
Jess: You’re welcome. So things are good?
Rory: Oh, yeah, really good.
Jess: School?
Rory: Good.
Jess: Still gonna do the Harvard thing?
Rory: Yeah.
Jess: Good.
Rory: Yeah, good.

Ok, first of all, Jess being wet is a good enough reason to have this here but I love all the tension in the scene and all the things left ~unsaid~ And my heart breaks a little every time when she gets paged by Dean and Jess has to turn the sprinklers back on. (Also I love how Jess is always walking around reading. HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!)

#16; They Shoot Gilmores, Dont They?


Rory: You think you’re bugging me sitting in front of me staring like that?
Jess: You think you’re bugging me dancing in front of me staring like that?
Rory: I’m not staring at you.
Jess: Then how do you know I’m staring at you?
Rory: I am dancing. I cannot control where my glance goes. And the few moments that I can control it, my glance goes to Dean, not to you.
Jess: So you can’t control when you look at me, but you have to force yourself to look at him? Sorry, man. That’s cold.


Dean: You don’t wanna be with me, Rory.
Rory: Yes, I do.
Dean: Oh, please! You’ve been into him since he got to town, and I have spent weeks – months, actually – trying to convince myself that it wasn’t true, that everything was fine between us. But now I know that I was an idiot. You’re into him and he’s into you, and Shane, who by the way, should be listening to this ‘cause it’s so damn obvious.

Again, I know this is more than one scene but I LOVE them ALL (even though the best bit is at the end when Dean breaks up with Rory) Can we also just notice all the angry!Dean faces? Hahahaha

#15; Haunted Leg


Rory: I'm surprised you could see anything with Shane's head plastered to your face
Jess: You didn't answer me
Rory: About what?
Jess: Did you call me at all?
Rory: No
Jess: Did you send me a letter?
Rory: No
Jess: Postcard?
Rory: No
Jess: Smoke signal?
Rory: Stop!
Jess: A nice fruit basket?
Rory: Enough!
Jess: Are you still with Dean?... Come on, Rory! Yes or no? Are you still with Dean?
Rory: Yes! I'm still with Dean, yes!

oh, it's jealous!Rory! Hee! SO MUCH FUN!

#14; Lost and Found


Rory: Jess, my mother is a great person. She’s also my best friend in the world, so if you care about me at all, you will take that into consideration and you will be mildly polite to her.
Jess: What makes you think I care about you?
Rory: I don’t mean care care, like care. I mean if you like me at all. . . not like like. I just meant that if. . . if you think of me remotely as the sort of person that you could occasionally stand to talk to then you will try to get along with my mom, that’s all.
Jess: Ok

gah, I miss Jess SO MUCH. How adorable is he with getting her riled up with the use of just one sentence. *is puddle of goo*

#13; A Tisket, A Tasket


Rory: I promise. Commit to it one more time and if it still is awful for you, I will make it up to you.
Jess: Oh yeah?
Rory: Yeah.
Jess: Okay. I’m gonna hold you to that.

oh, Rory phoning Jess and being all smiley and them talking about Hemmingway and the subtle undertones. Le sigh

#12; Last Week Fights, This Week Tights


Rory: What do you want?
Jess: I don't know. I just wanted to see you, talk to you. I just...
Rory: What?
Jess: Come with me.

This scene breaks my heart every. single. time. Oh Jess =( Ask ME to run away with you, I'd come

#11; Teach Me Tonight


Jess: Okay, so I just go straight and we’ll be back at Luke’s.
Rory: Good sense of direction.
Jess: Of course, I could turn right and then we’d just be driving around in circles for awhile.
Rory: Turn right.
Jess: As you wish

I love this scene so much. I love how natural and realistic they are talking about being Kurt + Courtney and eating ice cream (in cones!) and discussing the future. They always had CONVERSATIONS y'know? It never felt like they were talking just to further their plot.

#10; Nick & Nora, Syd & Nancy


Rory: I thought you said you didn't read much.
Jess: Well, what is much? Goodnight Rory.
Rory: Goodnight Dodger.
Jess: Dodger?
Rory: Figure it out.
Jess: Oliver Twist.

I love their knowledge of literature SO MUCH. gfhkfjgf *dies*

#9; Those Are Strings, Pinocchio


Rory: I'm not going to pine. I hope you didn't think I was going to pine, okay? I think...I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go. So, that's it, I guess. Um, I hope you're good. I want you to be good, and, um, okay, so, goodbye. That word sounds really lame and stupid right now, but there it is. Goodbye.

*cue Kathryn bursting into tears and bawling for the next few hours or so because life is CRUEL*

#8; A Tisket, A Tasket


Jess: You know, Ernest only has lovely things to say about you.
Rory: Why are you only nice to me?
Jess: Excuse me?
Rory: An hour ago you were totally screwing with Dean and now you’re totally nice to me.
Jess: You see, it’s the screwing with Dean - that’s an important step to getting here so that I can be nice to you.

Have I said that I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Jess before? Because omg, I REALLY DO. And I love how much Jess enjoyed messing with Dean *snickers*

#7; Happy Birthday, Baby


Jess: So, it’s been a couple days since you made the big decision. You still going to Yale?
Rory: Yes, I am. It’s got all the classes I want and some really great teachers, and plus, you know, as an added bonus, it’s really close to here.
Jess: 22.8 miles.
Rory: How’d you know that?
Jess: Do you Yahoo?
Rory: You looked it up?
Jess: Yeah.
Rory: You looked it up.
Jess: I just hit a couple buttons on the computer.
Rory: You looked it up.
Jess: I was bored. There was nothing on TV and I was fooling around, it was something to do, that’s it.
Rory: You looked it up.

I know that this scene is a lot of people's number 1 and I do LOVE it but its here because its not super-significant. I mean, its probably the most adorable thing EVER especially considering that Jess is... well, JESS but its still just a fluffy moment. A FANTASTIC fluffy moment, though tbh

#6; Swan Song


Rory: Keep thinking what you're thinking
Jess: I dont have a choice

Mhmm, I love this kiss and all the forehead touching and there's this one bit where he rubs his nose against hers *sigh* And he'd totally go to her grandmother's again. Le sigh. AGAIN

#5; Lorelai's Graduation Day



Jess: I said, why did you come here?
Rory: Well -
Jess: I mean, you ditched school and everything. That's so not you. Why'd you do it?
Rory: Because you didn't say goodbye.

I love this episode in general. It kind of epitomised how hard Rory was falling for Jess and I think it surprised even Jess himself.

#4; Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out


Jess: Are you nervous?
Rory: A little. It's been a long time.
Jess: I'm a little nervous, too.
Rory: Good, I'm not alone.
Jess: So, I didn't just come here to chat. I wanted to show you something.
Rory: Right. You said that.
Jess: And I didn't think you'd believe it if I didn't show it to you in person.
Rory: Oh, color me curious. A book. The Subsect. Written by Jess Mariano.
Jess: That's no misprint.
Rory: You wrote a book?
Jess: A short novel.
Rory: You wrote a book?


Rory: I want to see it in a store!
Jess: I can give you the addresses.
Rory: You know what I'm going to do when I see it in a store?
Jess: What?
Rory: You know that section toward the front, the staff recommendations? I'm going to grab a copy of your book and put it in that section. And then I'm going to write my own little recommendation on a card and attach it so people see it and buy it.
Jess: Read it first. That way you can discourage people from buying it.
Rory: No way. I know it's good. Jess, you've got such a great brain. I knew that if you could just sit down and stop shaking it around you could do something like this. I knew it. I knew it.
Jess: I know you did.


Jess: So I just basically wanted to show you that. Tell you - tell you that I couldn't have done it without you.

This scene is pure perfection and y'know... it was a long time coming. Jess is published! He couldn't have done it without her! Also, I love the subtle way he recognises how much she has changed

#3; Nag Hammadi is where they found the gnostic gospel


Jess: Could we sit down?
Rory: No. You wanted to talk, so talk. What do you have to say to me?
Jess: I love you.

I had to cap this because I couldn't find any other caps which is why a) it looks bad, b) there are no pics of them running. Anyway, this is unconventional and beautiful and sad and so NOT happy-ending-ish because Rory and Jess were always about being the exact opposite of that

#2; Let The Games Begin


Jess: Well, whatever else happens between us, at least we know that part works

Such a pretty scene! And the music! And it lasted for more than two seconds!! This scene was very... cathartic, just cause everything had kind of been building up for SO LONG it was nice to have it released so beautifully in this scene

#1; I Cant Get Started


Rory: What are you doing here?
Jess: Hello to you, too.
Rory: Is everything okay?
Jess: You look nice.
Rory: Thank you. What are you doing here?
Jess: I moved back.
Rory: What?
Jess: I moved back.
Rory: But – what – why?
Jess: Just wanted to.

This scene is one of my all time favourites of ANYTHING. EVER. Its so pretty and green and I love that she turns around and he's just THERE and the music starts playing and she's all pulled towards him in this immensely magnetic kinda way and the look on his face when she runs back the wedding and... it was just PERFECT. PERFECT. PERFECT.

Y'all better have enjoyed this shizz. Because it took a LONG time to do. Srsly. Caps credited to _jems_, homeofthenutty and blurredphotographs
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